Saving African Youth Dreams Initiative(SAYDI) has launched a Civic Enlightenment and Participation Programme (CEPP) for youths in the country.
The Executive Director of SAYDI, Abdulkareem O. Abdullateef made this known in an interview with Tribune Online.
He said that the one-day training is aimed at equipping young Africans with accurate and balanced knowledge in the area of participation in politics at this time of elections.

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“The CEPP is a one-day training which aims to equip youth and young Africans with the needed knowledge in the area of political participation, accountability process and tracking of public fund utilization.

“It also involves mismanagement of public office and how active citizen’s engagement in political advocacy will drive and promote leadership accountability and various states and communities.
“SAYDI understands that a developing country like Nigeria should be accompanied by extensive civic education because it is essential for democracy to flourish and be sustained.
“Representative government cannot be achieved without people knowing more about Their civic responsibilities. As people require information to make decisions about policy choices and appropriate representative selections, citizens’ rights, politics, government, voting, volunteering,

 and involvement in other socially beneficial activities are important for citizens’ participation in governance.
“The advantages of citizen participation training include capacity building, education, awareness raising, and increased understanding of public institutions and how they operate, the boundaries and limitations of different public bodies.
“Therefore, the involvement of citizens in governance and political process is an essential part of democracy and this can only be enhanced through civic training. In enhancing this, Saving African Youth Dreams Initiative partnered with various CSOs and NGOs in conducting civic enlightenment and participation training so as, to increase public involvement in governance in all aspects of government institutions known as their CEPP program.”
He, therefore, called on qualified and suitable candidates to read and apply for the programme through its website.
“Be a part of the next generation of exceptional Nigerian citizens as the application for Civic Enlightenment and Participation Programme is now open,” he said.
SAYDI is a non-governmental organization with a core mandate based on improving the educational performances of young Nigerians.

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